Tower Lights

Tower lights or stack lights are very commonly used equipment in industrial manufacturing and industrial processes. These lights are columnar in shape and feature several independent lights stacked on top of each other. There are five coloured lights present which are – red, green, yellow, blue, and also includes a sound module in some cases. These lights are called stack lights due to their stack orientation. Apart from stack lights, these lights are also called indicator lights, warning lights, industrial signal lights, and light towers.

The purpose of stack lights is to help the operators take necessary action at the right time. Stack lights or tower lights are used to provide status information to operators, technicians, supervisors, and other people who are engaged in the work. Sometimes, stack lights feature a sound module that produces a buzzer sound to alert the technicians, operators, and other personnel.



Some of the common features of tower lights are as follows –

  • Lighting Modules – A light tower may comprise one, two or up to five modules in a single track. The lights colours are usually red, green, blue, yellow and white. The light stays on continuously and rotates to seek the attention of the user. Stack lights which feature buzzer alarm are more effective.
  • Sound Modules – Many light towers feature integrated alarm buzzers. The alarm buzzers are in the range of 80db and may have monotonal, bi-tonal or intermittent alarm patterns.

Tower lights are equipped with various coloured lights. Here are what the light symbolize –

  • Red – It indicates that a machine is facing some issues that might lead to shutdown or other emergencies. It signals the user that immediate action must be taken.
  • Green – It indicates that a machine is working smoothly and finely.
  • Yellow – It indicates a warning that something might be wrong with the machine which may lead to a shutdown.
  • Blue – It indicates an external help request placed for service from a supervisor or maintenance personnel.
  • White – User-defined conditions to a specific machine, often related to productivity monitoring.
VoltageSignal Line currentRush currentExternal Contract capacityBuzzer line current
DC12V0.357A4.8AOver 5A0.025A
DC24V0.185A2.4AOver 3A0.012A
AC110V0.185A0.6AOver 1A0.038A
AC220V0.021A0.4AOver 1A0.004A


JG-JPT5-1-D / 1U-D112VDC / 24VDC   110VAC / 220VACR
JG-JPT5-2-D / 2U-D2R G
JG-JPT5-3-D / 3U-D3R G Y
JG-JPT5-4-D / 4U-D4R G Y B
JG-JPT5-5-D / 5U-D5R G Y B W

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