Thruster Brake

A Thruster brake is a device to retard the speed of moving machinery and to stop it accurately to the desired position. The braking force is applied to the brake shoe by a pre-stressed compression spring. The shoes press on the rotating brake drum retarding its speed and finally stopping it. The releasing of the brake and compressing of the spring is done by the Thruster. The thruster shoe brake has a pair of cast iron shoes that are lined up with friction pads. The shoes are hinged on the main arm and the sidearm of the brake, each of them having a hinge pin fitted in the base.



Thruster brake is connected to each other on top by a tie rod, which is a hinge in the main arm and locked to the swivel block in the sidearm, by a lock nut. A crank lever is hinged on the main arm, and the other end is fixed to the top clevis of the thruster by a hinge pin. A brake spring is fixed on the main arm and is pre-locked by a lock nut on the lever. The pretension in this spring decides the braking torque. The thruster is fitted on the base by a hinge pin. When the thruster is not energized, the brake shoes are pressed on the brake drum fitted on the drive motor shaft and hold under the effect of the braking force provided by the spring.

In such a condition, the brake is applied and the drum cannot rotate. When the thruster motor is energized, the thrust provided by the thruster lifts up the crank lever which moves the arms and the shoe brakes away from the brake drum and releasing the braking force. The spring is compressed and braking energy is stored for the next cycle.

Range :

  • Drum diameter 100 mm to 600 mm
  • Thruster Capacity (Kg) : 18, 34, 46, 68, 114
  • Torque Capacity: 6 Kgm to 580 Kgm


Application :

  • All Material Handling and Lifting Equipments
  • Hoisting: electric wire rope Hoists and Crabs
  • Cross travel and Long travel: E.O.T / Gantry / Goliath / Derrick Cranes
  • Winches and Conveyors
  • Lifts and Elevators

Salient features :

  • This is a spring-loaded normally ON Fail safe Brake
  • Consists of Electro-Hydraulic Thuruster, Torque Spring and Liner riveted to Brake Shoes
  • Works on 415 V AC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz supply.
  • Requires Transformer Oil to be filled in the thruster cylinder.
  • The function is to bring to stop, moving / rotating machinery like motor/gearbox.
  • Maintenance-free, robust design.
  • Holds/stops the load in the desired place. Instant stop.
  • Prevents jerk due to soft stop.

THE INFINITY CORPORATION is one of the leading suppliers of Electro-Hydraulic thruster brakes all over India.


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