Limit Switch

A Limit switch is used for automatic detection or for sensing the presence of an object, it also benefits in monitoring and indicating the movement limit of an object, whether it has been exceeded or not. Originally, the limit switches were used to define the limit or endpoint over which an object could travel before being stopped. It was at this point that the switch got its name as it was engaged in controlling the limit of travel.



Limit switch is used for industrial submissions in an electromechanical device, it consists of a mechanical actuator, which is linked to a series of electrical contacts. When an object comes in contact with the actuator plunger, there is a movement that results in electric contact within the switch to close or open the electrical connection. It uses the mechanical movement of the actuator plunger in order to control or change the electrical switch state.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of limit switches?


  • Simple and straightforward designs.
  • Exhibits high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Simple for installation.
  • Rugged and reliable.

Disadvantages or limitations:

  • Not suited for every application.
  • They are used for instruments that operate at a relatively low speed because limit switch relies on mechanical action.

  • They must get physically contacted with the target in order to operate, as they are contact sensors.

  • Limit switch due to their mechanical design tends to wear down over time and hence needs time-to-time replacements.

Few LIMIT SWITCH models:

JG – XZ-8104 – Side Rotary Lever

JG – XZ-8107 – Side Rotary with Rod

JG – XZ-8108 – Adjustable Lever with Roller

JG – XZ-8111 – Vertical Push Rod

JG – XZ-8112 -Top Roller Vertical

JG – XZ-8122 – Top Roller Horizontal

JG – XZ-8166 – Flexible Rod Type

JG – XZ-8167 – Flexible Rod Type

JG – XZ-8168 – Flexible Rod Type

JG – XZ-8169 – Flexible Rod Type

JG – WLD – Top Push Rod

JG – WLD2 – Top Plunger Roller

JG – WLCA32 – Fork Lever with Roller

JG – WLNJ – Flexible Rod Type

JG – WLCA2 – with Side Rotary Lever

JG – WLCA12 – Adjustable Lever with Roller

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