Float Switch


float switch is a type of level sensor, a device used to detect the level of liquid within a tank. The switch may be used to control a pump, as an indicator, an alarm, or to control other devices.

One type of float switch uses a mercury switch inside a hinged float. Another common type is a float that raises a rod to actuate a microswitch. One pattern uses a reed switch mounted in a tube; afloat, containing a magnet surrounds the tube and is guided by it. When the float raises the magnet to the reed switch, it closes. Several reeds can be mounted in the tube for different level indications by one assembly.


Insert the cable in the counterweight. From the conical part and rotate it, thus causing the plastic ring inserted in the opening to become detached (if necessary this operation can be facilitated with the use of a screwdriver). The ring should be then positioned in the point where it is desired to block the counterweight.

Force the counterweight on the ring by rotating it, using a slight pressure

Model No.DescriptionTechnical Parameters
JG ‐ FLS012mMicroswitch
Switch currency
10 (8) 250V~10 (4) A 380V
50000C according to VDE special standard to test the operation switch
JG ‐ FLS033mProtective connection
T 70U 88
JG ‐ FLS055mMax. Temperature
Max. Working pressure
JG ‐ FLS099mLimit Circuit breaking capacity250V 1KW DC Voltage

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