Counter Weight Limit Switch

Weight Operated Limit Switches are used on the control/power circuit of reversing drives so as to limit their rotation/movement within a predetermined position. Operation:

When the snatch block of the crane reaches its top position the snatch block pushes a plate that is hanging from one end of the lever of the limit switch. Due to the weight placed on the other end of the lever, this lever is pushed up. When the lever is pushed up the shaft to which this lever is connected rotates thereby rotating the cams which eventually open the contacts and disconnect the motor. The electronic limit switch contacts are automatically reset when the lever returns to zero position due to gravitational force.


Counter weight Limit Switches are used for Heavy-duty E.O.T. Cranes, Hoists to prevent over travel of hoisting motion on power and control circuits up to 500 V and 40 Amps. continuous current. The limit switch normally remains closed and cuts off power to stop the motor of the crane. The Counter Weight limit switch operates when it reaches a predetermined position when the weights rest on the surface of the limit switch. Supplier of Counter weight Limit Switches and manufacturer of Counter weight Limit Switches.

Salient features :

  • Body material – Aluminium / CI casting.
  • The enclosure is of IP-44 / IP-55 degree of protection.
  • The mounting position is Vertical.
  • The cable entry is of ¾” conduit.
  • The rated voltage is 500 V.
  • The thermal test current is 10 Amps.
  • No. of contacts is 2 / 3 / 4
  • The mode of operation is 1-way self-resetting.
  • The contact material is silver cadmium.

Application :

  • All Material Handling and Lifting Equipments
  • Hoisting: electric wire rope Hoists and Crabs
  • Cross travel and Long travel: EOT / Gantry / Goliath / Derrick Cranes
  • Winches and Conveyors
  • Rolling mills
  • Sugar, Mining, Cement, Textile industries to name a few.
  • Brake motors.

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