Cable Tie

The cable tie has a multitude of possible applications, the most common being to organize cables. Computer cabling, electrical wires, home theater equipment, speaker wires, and power cables can be aesthetically improved and organized with the simple application of a cable tie. Cable ties are an extremely practical, affordable and convenient way to hold a lot of items that we use every day together.



Nylon cable ties are used to tie the wires together that fulfill industrial and commercial demands helping in color-coding.


Material: Nylon 66, 94V-2 certificated by UL. Heat-resisting, Acid & erosion control, insulate well and not apt to age.

Operating temperature: -35°C to 85°C

Color: Natural (or white, standard color), UV black, and other colors are available as requested.

JG – 100X2.5Length 100mm&Width 1.9mm
JG – 100X3Length 100mm & Width 2.5mm
JG – 150X2.5Length 150mm & Width 2.5mm
JG – 150X4Length 150mm & Width 3.2mm
JG – 200X3Length 200mm& Width 2.5mm
JG – 200X4Length 200mm & Width 3.5mm
JG – 250X4Length 250mm & Width 3.5mm
JG – 250X5Length 250mm & Width 5mm
JG – 300X4Length 300mm & Width 3.5mm
JG – 300X5Length 300mm & Width 5mm
JG – 300X7.6Length 300mm & Width 7.6mm
JG – 350X5Length 350mm & Width 5mm
JG – 400X5Length 400mm & Width 5mm
JG – 450X5Length 450mm & Width 5mm
JG – 450X8Length 450mm & Width 8mm
JG – 500X5Length 500mm & Width 5mm
JG – 500X8Length 500mm & Width 8mm
JG – 550X9Length 550mm & Width 9mm
JG – 650X9Length 650mm & Width 9mm
JG – 760X9Length 760mm & Width 9mm
JG –  920X9Length 920mm & Width 9mm
JG – 1020X9Length 1020mm & Width 9mm
JG – 100M100 MM Marker Tie
JG – 200M200 MM Marker Ti

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