Cable Gland


A cable gland is a device designed to permit the entry of cable into electrical equipment that provides sealing, retention, and earthing, bonding, grounding, insulation, strain relief, or a combination of all these.


The gland should be selected on the following Points.

  1. Type of Cable.
  2. Gland Size.
  3. Entry Type/Thread Specification of application.
  4. Ingress Protection required.
  5. Material.

PG Thread Cable Gland

Material: Nylon(PA)

Sealing Element: NBR

Protection level: IP68

Ambient temperature: Static-40°C-100°C, short 120°C Dynamic -20°C-80°C, short 120°C

Colour: White Grey Black

CodeModelCableGLHSpanner Size
 ThreadRange(mm)(mm)A & E (mm)
PG 7PG 73 ~ 6.582115
PG 9PG 94~ 882219
PG 11PG 115 ~ 1082522
PG 13.5PG 13.56 ~ 1292724
PG 16PG 1610~ 14102827
PG 19PG 1912~ 16112927
PG 21PG 2113~ 18113133
PG 25PG 2514~ 21123236
PG 29PG 2918~ 25113942
PG 36PG 3622~ 32134853
PG 42PG 4232~ 38134860
PG 48PG 4837~ 44144965
PG 63PG 6340~ 50299575

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