AC Solenoid Brake (Pull Type) encourages application to a wide range of requirements e.g. a definite pull motion under automatic or distant control in connection with electrically driven machinery. Typical functions include the operation of electromechanical brakes and valves, various short-stroke motions on machine tools.

AC Solenoid Operated Brakes type ‘S’ is designed for long life, easy installation, and minimum maintenance. They are electrically released and spring-applied providing a ‘Fail-Safe’ operation.

Typical application includes conveyors, hoisting equipment, elevators, escalators, machine tools, printing press, small cranes, overhead doors, vacuum molding machines, etc.

The brake wheel is of relatively large size in relation to the torque developed by the brake. This permits the use of a large brake shoe lining and lowers shoe pressure. Low shoe pressure, equally distributed over a large lining area, results in even wear of the friction surfaces and even braking torque. The over-size wheel type construction also permits the use of a smaller operating solenoid that requires less current for a given torque rating.

Low shoe pressure reduces the stress on all pins and pivot points to extend mechanical life and reduce maintenance costs. There is no unbalance of forces to cause side thrust during braking because shoe type brake does not depend upon a wrapping action of the lining around the wheel.

Specification and Features

AC Solenoid Brake

Solenoid TypeSize BSize D
DutyContinuous or IntermittentContinuous or Intermittent
Maximum Stroke Length (mm)2531.4
Pull at Rated Voltage (Gross)* kg1.256.75

AC Brake

  • Size : 4”, 5.5” & 7”, 250mm
  • Torque Range : 13.6Nm to 147Nm ,continuous & Intermittent duty
  • Neoprene shock absorber -increases the life of the solenoid
  • Hardened steel lever & spring gland reduces wear at the pins & all other points of contacts
  • Easy lining replacement
  • Replacement of solenoid without disturbing brake adjustment

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